An Update to Compiled ORF [Oral Reading Fluency] Norms by Jan Hasbrouck and Gerald Tindal

Oral reading fluency (ORF) is one of several curriculum-based measures (CBM)  originallydeveloped in the early 1980s by a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota. CBM measures were designed to serve as useful tools for teachers in special and general education, allowing them to make accurate and timely data-driven decisions about their students’ progress in functional literacy and numeracy skills. All the CBM measures were designed to be inexpensive, time efficient, easy to administer, reliable, and able to be used frequently in multiple forms. Most importantly, CBMs were based on standard, valid assessments that (a) measure something important (b) present tasks of equal difficulty, (c) are tied to the general curriculum, and (d) show progress over time.

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Originally published:

Hasbrouck, J. & Tindal, G. (2017). An update to compiled ORF norms (Technical Report No.  1702). Eugene, OR, Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon.


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