What is The Reading Forum?

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We provide access to high quality research and practices in reading and literacy education.

The goal of The Reading Forum is to make high quality research and practices available to stakeholders in the educational system. It developed out of a one-day discussion between reading researchers across a range of fields (e.g., education, psychology, language development) that was held through Purdue University’s College of Education. The participants focused on what is currently known about reading development and effective instruction to highlight commonalities. We have crafted statements, or white papers, about reading development and will continue to develop more in an attempt to move the field forward. These will be based upon the full range of available research in reading and literacy learning, and it is hoped they will help avoid many of the unproductive debates of the past. Additionally, the site presents ways to develop reading, writing, and language through effective instruction and best practices, provides links to centers and other professional resources, and has access to a range of readings and publications. We will continue to add additional materials to all our spaces and hope that this site is a valuable resource for anyone who uses it.

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